Saturday, March 7, 2009

Avery's 1st Day of Soccer - Foot Skills

Avery told us she wanted to play soccer. So, I called around trying to find out where 4 year olds are able to play. Since our local Rec Dept only does soccer for the little ones in July and August and if you know anything about GA in the dead of summer you will understand why we are taking her to Camp Jordan. Camp Jordan is in Tennessee but they offer spring and fall soccer for the little ones. I wasn't sure we could still get her on a team since registration was in February (and it is now March), so I didn't tell her we were trying to get her signed up. I received an email yesterday telling me that if we showed up today with a check and a registration form she could still play. We were also informed she would need soccer shoes, shin guards, a size 3 ball, and a water bottle.

When I woke Avery up yesterday morning with the news that we would be taking her to soccer practice and we would need to buy her some shoes, etc she said excitedly, "I want glitter shoes! And a glitter water bottle to match!" I explained that they may not have "glitter" shoes to which she replied, "That's ok. I can just have black." You may be thinking, "how very sensible" but I know my daughter and I'm sure she was envisioning shiny black patent leather! Anyway, we went shopping last night and she settled for pink shoes with a little sparkle and pink shin guards. We also had to buy her some shorts and this shirt she just had to have. The only thing that wasn't pink was the size 3 ball and that was only because they were out of pink balls. When we got home she just HAD to put on her new stuff and go outside to play soccer with daddy despite the fact that it was well past bedtime. Anyway, she was so excited she wanted to sleep in her new shirt and shorts.

This morning she was so excited about soccer that she got up 2, yes I said TWO, hours early! This is a child that will sleep until 11 am if I let her. She normally gets up at 9 am but today it was 7! She got up before Titus which is definitely a record event.
We had to do breakfast and then get the gear on before we could head out. Here's a shot of the shin guards since we were told to put the socks over them they probably won't be seen much.

Here's the entire ensemble.

She had a blast! I must say that she is one awesome little soccer player. She dribbles like a 4 year old pro! You should have seen those other kids. They've got nothing on her!
I'm not biased in the least, the coach actually told Matt that she had great foot skills. This is the only picture I got of the foot skills coach and Avery together. He let her go first on one of the drills because she finished first at one of the other drills.

This is classic Avery. "Hey! My name is Avery, what's your name?" She is always making new friends everywhere she goes. She was excited about it too. Last night one of the clerks at the store asked if she was playing soccer with her friends and she stated matter of factly, "I don't know anybody there but I'll make new friends."

When we were all done and in the car headed home we told her how proud we were of her for listening to her coach and that she had done an awesome job. She said, "I did my best. I'm proud of me too!" She's one awesome little girl!


Brad and Shana said...

What a sweetie pie you have.......

Certainly a ton to be proud of!!

....and she's super cute to boot!